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Tag: frozen yogurt

  • Return of the Doc Pop Yogurt at YoCup SF

    In what is becoming a yearly tradition, my limited edition “Doc Pop Frozen Yogurt“, is being served throughout March at the YoCup in the Rincon building in SF. The DocPopGurt is a delicious tangy yogurt with bacon, syrup, and cereal as toppings. More nummy pictures here. To celebrate international Doctor Popular Day (March 10th), the […]

  • RIP: Bacon Frozen Yogurt

    Today is the last day to get a Doctor Popular signature FroYo from either of YoCup‘s locations in San Francisco. The “deliciously geeky” Karen Nguyen, from Karenism.com, came to the DocPopGurt Launch Party and made this energetic video documenting the experience [embedded above]. I’d love to thank the fine folks at YoCup (Meinoh, Justin, Janet, […]

  • Limited Edition Frozen Yogurt by DocPop & YoCup

    “Why do you hate bacon?”. It’s a question I’ve been hearing since the Doc Pop Sandwich came out at Ike’s Place a month ago. Because the sandwich comes with real ham but fake bacon, people are assuming I have something against this particular pork product (the swine!). So, let me publicly state my affinity for […]