Tips to improve AI Dungeon’s multiplayer experience

AI Dungeon is an experimental text adventure game which is powered by artificial intelligence. When you dive into a game of AI Dungeon you never know what you’ll get, the fun part is just going along for the… Read More

Lazer Ryderz, a Tron inspired tabletop game

Lazer Ryderz is a tabletop board game inspired by the light-cycle scenes in Tron. I backed it on Kickstarter and finally got to play it a couple of times today and I love it. I’m a huge Tron… Read More

SquirrelWarz, our real time strategy iPhone game!

After a long wait and months of work, SquirrelWarz is now available for iPhone! This stylish real time strategy iPhone game was iPad only, but this big update makes the app universal (as well as adds smoother UI,… Read More

Sweet Ride update #2

Sweet Ride is an endless skate game I’m making with some friends. You can see all previous updates here. I’ve been busy redoing the street scene and creating a bunch of new assets and obstacles. I’m working with… Read More