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  • A Collection of Every Akira Video Game Ever Made

    A Collection of Every Akira Video Game Ever Made

    This year is the 30th anniversary of Akira, the 1988 anime classic based on Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga series. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic “Neo-Tokyo” in 2019 and coincidentally predicts Japan’s hosting the 2020 Olympics. I recently “live-gif’d” a walkthrough of Akira on an NES emulator and got to wondering how many other Akira games were out…

  • So Long SFBG, And Thanks For “The Best Of” award!

    This was the first Wednesday in 40+ years without a new issue of the San Francisco Bay Guardian hitting the streets. Last week, the weekly newspaper was abruptly shut down just after they finished printing their annual Best Of Issue. Looking through this historic issue, I was stunned to find myself in there as their…

  • eBoy’s cover for Destroy All Presets

    The new art for Doctor Popular’s “Destroy All Presets” created by eBoy!

  • Bit Shifter’s full Blip Fest 2011 set

    Bit Shifter‘s entire Blip Festival set is online now, with visuals by Visualicious. I’ve been listening to it all day at work. Thanks to Emily Feder for posting this and other great chip music acts from the festival!

  • Finally, a VideoSong I can sink my teeth into

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpdYKamOjUo Not really a fan of most videosongs, a genre seemingly built around novelty covers, but I really got a kick out of this “Gameboy Music” video that my friend Brett sent me. It’s well done and actually sounds like something I would listen to… of course I have rather odd musical tastes though πŸ™‚…