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Tag: gif the halls

  • Works in progress

    This past week has been crazy for me. Crazy exciting and crazy busy. On Monday I signed a contract to create an animation for an artist who’s work has inspired me since my teens. I submitted two finished designs last night and hope they decide to use both of them. Above is a little sneak […]

  • Trixel Elements

    Our GIF the Halls project wrapped last Wednesday, and I’ve been continuously making gifs ever since. I’m really digging this tool called Hexels, which is sort of like a pixel editor that lets you define the shape of your pixels. So instead of using four corners, I could use three (aka a “trixel”). I’ve used […]

  • GIF the Halls

    For the past few months, I’ve been working with the team at WP-Engine Labs on a huge public art project called GIF the Halls. The project asked 7 artists, including myself, to create short animated greeting card designs. Users can then go to GIFtheHalls.com to pick a design and add a message, then we will […]