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  • Gif art IRL and emergent behaviour

    Gif art IRL and emergent behaviour

    I was asked to create some GIFs for a new gorilla art project called The Hard G Project. The organizers gave me a couple of tablets to display the gifs on and I got to decide when, where, and how the art was hung. The idea was that we’d leave the tablets up, with my […]

  • WordPress Widget Spinner!

    WordPress 4.8 came out last week and it’s full of all sorts of new widgets. I get to make a weekly WordPress comic for Torque Magazine, so this week I drew up a feature request for WordPress version 4.8.1 The WordPress widget spinner post originally appeared on Torque, where you can see my weekly WordPress […]

  • Yo-Yo Gifs from the good old days of GeoCities sites

    Remember GeoCities? I don’t. I mean, I’ve heard of GeoCities, but I didn’t really get online until 2000, and even then I was primarily just visiting the same 3 yo-yo bulletin boards. The only thing I knew about GeoCities was that it was that place with all the terrible gifs. The Internet Archive recently launched GifCities, an […]

  • My 10 most popular GIFs on Giphy

    The folks at Giphy have been killing it this year and I’ve really enjoyed having my own artist page where I can share all my original animated GIFs. Recently, Giphy has started displaying the total views for each GIF, so I thought it would be fun to go through and pick out my 10 most popular GIFs […]