Photojojo’s Moving Pictures tutorial

Inspired by the super-neat From Me To You blog, the folks at Photojojo have posted a great tutorial on creating animated gifs with an eerie photographic feel. These images, also called “cinemagraphs”, are so cool to look at…. Read More

1906 earthquake stereoscopic images

LaughingSquid posted some recently discovered stereoscopic images taken shortly after the 1906 earthquake (and subsequent fires) in San Francisco. Whats interesting about these photographs is not that they are 3D, which was invented in the 1830’s, but that… Read More

O Rly? Ya RLY!

Here is my twist on the classic “ORLY” gif. I maded it with pieces from my 3D Without Glasses comic.

Using GIF comics to create 3D effects without glasses

Since taking Stan Heller‘s 3D art class at Mission Comics, I’ve been wanting to make more anaglyphic pieces, but didn’t want to have to order red/cyan glasses for people to read… after pondering the problem, I thought I… Read More