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Tag: gifs

  • Why Twitter GIFs aren’t really Gifs

    It took Twitter 9 years to support GIFs. When they did, they really just took GIF files and converted them to video. Don’t get me started on why that’s a bad idea…. More like Twitter "GIF"s, amirite? pic.twitter.com/w4PxHMk4Qx — Doctor Popular (@DocPop) October 24, 2015 Everytime you share a GIF on Twitter, it shows up […]

  • Gifs from Sutro Baths

    On Saturday, Christine and I hoped onto our bikes to go check out the Community Music Center location in the Richmond. We are big fans of their Mission location, right next to our house, but Christine is signing up for some more advanced classes and will have to start making the ride out to the […]

  • Trixel Elements

    Our GIF the Halls project wrapped last Wednesday, and I’ve been continuously making gifs ever since. I’m really digging this tool called Hexels, which is sort of like a pixel editor that lets you define the shape of your pixels. So instead of using four corners, I could use three (aka a “trixel”). I’ve used […]

  • American Analog: ImageTech 3D film camera

    Looking back at my work this year, I have to say that the brief experiments I did with 3D film cameras and animated gifs are some of my favorite shots. I think I’d like to step up my stereoscopy game next year, so I decided to pick up some new cameras to mess around with. […]