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  • Gocco karma

    Gocco karma

    That time I jumped out of bed because I checked my RSS feed an saw someone had left a Gocco printer and supplies a couple blocks away. Yes! — Doctor Popular (@DocPop) June 28, 2013 Thanks to some Craigslist luck, I scored a few extra bulbs and screens for my Gocco printer. Already sitting a […]

  • Embroidered KnifeTank Patches

    Buy a KnifeTank embroidered patch and improve your life. It’s that simple! These iron on patches are available by themselves for just $6 (5 for the patch plus 1 for shipping) or if you can get one with KnifeTank: The Albumhole with payments of $7 or more. Mike Hales made the kick design for these […]

  • Me Gocco Pretty One Day

    Saturday night I attended (and performed) at Scott Beale’s Laughing Squid Lucky 13 Party. I got there early with my friends Irina and Mike to do the soundcheck and get ready for the show. During the down time, Mike and I decided to print some inserts for my mini-comics and hand them out during the […]