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  • Online now: Doc’s Guides to Mobile Photography

    A few years back I was lucky enough to make a series of mobile photography tips and tricks videos for Postagram. I was working as Postagram’s community manager at the time and these weekly videos were often the highlight of each week for me. I love exploring new apps and techniques and sharing what I […]

  • A Glitch Tutorial: Editing Image Files With Text Editors

    A Glitch Tutorial: Editing Image Files With Text Editors

    I’ve shared a bunch of glitch-art posts on this blog, including this recent list of iOS glitch apps, so I thought it would be cool to share a little tutorial on how to create your own glitch art using an “incorrect editor” technique. For many, glitch art is a technique achieved purely through apps and […]

  • American Analog: Red Rock Honeymoon

    Shortly after our Vegas wedding, Christine and I took a trip to Red Rock Canyon to climb “Olive Oil”. We hired Cory, a local guide, to pick a spot and bring the gear we were missing which turned out to be a good move. Cory kept us moving easily up the route, which was 600 […]

  • Gifstamatic: Making Hipstamatic shots more awesome with Giffer

    A while back, I made a video about some of the hidden new features that Hipstamatic added to their brilliant little app. My favorite new features utilize the volume buttons on the side of the phone for advanced controls. Pressing the volume down button brings you in & out of the full screen mode, while […]