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Tag: hexels pro

  • My process for 2D animations and game art with Hexels Pro.

    My process for 2D animations and game art with Hexels Pro.

    The folks at 80 Level have recently published an interview with me about my process for creating 2D animations and game art with Hexels Pro. I’ve blogged a lot of my Hexels Pro “trixel art” here before, but this article is the most in depth I’ve ever gotten about the techniques behind that art. If […]

  • My workflow for creating gifs with trixels in Hexels Pro

    I’ve been a huge fan of Hexels and I just got word that they’ve finally released Hexels Pro 2 today! You can get it here. I’ve been using a beta version of Hexels 2 for the past year and I’m a huge fan, it’s totally changed the way I make art. To celebrate their official […]

  • Grand Moff Tarkin Slippers

    Did you know that Grand Moff Tarkin wore slippers on the Death Star? Imagine cute little Grand Moff Tarkin slippers! Here’s a great video of Peter Kushing talking about it. I love the thought of Tarkin’s slippers so much, I made the above gif using Hexels Pro.

  • Gif Art and beyond: From “low-tech art” to “slightly less low-tech art”

    2015 was a good year for me. I had more commissions and art jobs than any previous year and things are looking pretty good for 2016 too. Looking back at my visual art, 2015 looks like the year I transitioned from low tech (watercolors, pens, inks) into a much more digital style. Particularly, 2015 was […]