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Tag: houndstooth

  • WTF Houndstoof Glitch Shirt Underwater

    A few days ago, a friend sent me this crazy video with a message that said “Dude, that’s one of your shirts… right?”. The video starts off with some guy in a scuba suit swimming in some icey ocean and playing what looks like a giant ukelele. Then it cuts to another guy wearing one […]

  • Houndstoof glitch fabric! Now available as one of a kind shirts and dresses.

    I’ve just launched a new collaboration with the awesome folks over at Betabrand. It’s a houndstooth pattern that I glitched out using various databending techniques (JPG, PNG, and other sneaky tricks). The end result is large swatches of what I call Houndstoof Glitch fabric. Thanks to Betabrand, these are now available as one of a […]