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  • Reflections on Instagram

    Reflections on Instagram

    This week the founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mikey Krieger, are leaving the company. Instagram is only about 8 years old and has continued to grow since it’s acquisition by Facebook in 2012. I was an early user of Instagram and from the start was really into the idea of Instagram meetups. One of […]

  • Mini-Instawalk in SF Saturday morning

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/docpopular/5693589217/in/photostream There’s an Instagram meet-up (“Instameet“) planned for tomorrow afternoon in Dolores Park. While I like meeting other Instagram users, I kind of prefer photo-walks rather than photography themed meets in bars or whatever. So are our Instwalk SF group is going to do an Instagram themed photowalk through the Mission before the Instameet. We’ll […]

  • Instawalking in the rain

    Today was our 2nd San Francisco Instawalk (Instagram themed photowalk to Sausalito and back). I was worried about the rain, but I’m glad we continued our walk despite the weather. Although it sort of sucked having freezing wet hands all day, the pictures we took have a cool “moodiness” to them, which looks cool in […]