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Tag: ios

  • Lifeline: Rescue an astronaut with your smartphone

    “Has Taylor texted yet? Is he ok?” The premise of 3 Minute Games‘s “Lifeline” is that an astronaut has crash-landed on some unknown planet and needs your help. Most of his gear has been totaled, but he’s managed to put enough together to send simple text messages in hopes that some stranger can help him […]

  • Sweet Ride update #2

    Sweet Ride is an endless skate game I’m making with some friends. You can see all previous updates here. I’ve been busy redoing the street scene and creating a bunch of new assets and obstacles. I’m working with trixel art and usually do all my designing in one overly busy street scene. I decided to […]

  • DeepGlitch: creating glitchy iOS images with depth

    DeepGlitch: creating glitchy iOS images with depth

    It’s been around for years, but I’ve recently found myself spending a lot of time with the Seene app again. Seene is an iOS & Android app that allows you to create photos that are auto-magically converted into 3D renders. I used it for these Alcatraz photos from a few months back. (note: since publishing […]

  • Sweet Ride: new game in progress

    I’ve been working on a new game with some friends and I thought it was time to finally show our progress. The game is called Sweet Ride and it’s designed for touchscreen devices. iPads specifically, but we are aiming for phones too. It’s based on an idea I’ve had for a while that’s sort of […]