American Analog: Doggie Diner Heads

Doggie Diner

My friends John and Nifer are running an awesome Kickstarter campaign to restore the infamous Doggie Diner Heads. Bay Area natives will probably recognize these puppies from the long defunct fast food chains spread around the Bay, but newer faces like myself are more likely to think of them as “those crazy statues that are always parked in front of great art events”. Either way, they tend to bring forth Pavlovian responses from most who see them now… Doggies = Cool!

I spent an afternoon riding around with these guys and capturing them on my Nishika N8000 3D film (as well as this short video interview with John)… then a week scanning and editing the film into these wiggle Gifs. I hope you dig these shots and consider dropping a few bucks into this awesome restoration project.



American Analog: awesome new rewards in it’s last week on Kickstarter

American Analog, my black and white photo zine, is in it’s last week on Kickstarter and at 75% funded. I’m just about $1,000 dollars from full funding and only $999,996,206 away from being the first billion dollar project on KS. We can do this!

To help with that goal, I’ve added new $280 reward level which includes two brand new LC-A+ compact cameras that were donated by the folks at Lomography. As many of you know, the LC-A+ is my favorite 35mm film camera and was used for most of the shots in this zine, so I’m extremely excited about this new reward level! Just a heads up, if you’ve already backed this project but would like one of these LC-A+ cameras, you can adjust your funding to select this new reward.

I also made an appearance on this week’s episode of the Lens Wipe Podcast, were we talk about the American Analog project and my least favorite movie of 2012. Download the episode now.