“Dream Job” a short film shot entirely with the Lightt app

A few months back I decided to try to make an entire short film using the Lightt app, so I hit up my friend David (who worked with me on these great iPhone tips videos) and we created… Read More

A Vine to rule them all?

I opened the Vine app yesterday to take a peek around and wasn’t too shocked to see no new posts from any of my friends in the last month or so. I was surprised, however, that there haven’t… Read More

Brunch with the Rice Paper Scissors crew

Doc Pop on Lightt For the second year in a row, I spent my New Years day with the gals from Rice Paper Scissors, a Vietnamese pop-up restaurant in SF. This year, however, I spent most of my… Read More

How to make your own butter at home

Making butter is super easy and I wanted to show you all how to do it!