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  • “Dream Job” a short film shot entirely with the Lightt app

    A few months back I decided to try to make an entire short film using the Lightt app, so I hit up my friend David (who worked with me on these great iPhone tips videos) and we created “Dream Job” in just one day. It’s entirely shot and edited with an iPhone 4S and the…

  • A Vine to rule them all?

    — @ (@@vine.co) I opened the Vine app yesterday to take a peek around and wasn’t too shocked to see no new posts from any of my friends in the last month or so. I was surprised, however, that there haven’t been any new “editor’s picks” in over a month. So when I (and probably…

  • Brunch with the Rice Paper Scissors crew

    Doc Pop on Lightt For the second year in a row, I spent my New Years day with the gals from Rice Paper Scissors, a Vietnamese pop-up restaurant in SF. This year, however, I spent most of my time hanging in the kitchen with Katie and Valerie as they started setting up their temporary space…

  • How to make your own butter at home

    How to make your own butter at home

    Making butter is super easy and I wanted to show you all how to do it!