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Tag: lollet

  • ROFLthing LOL-lets for sale early

    I’ll be at the San Francisco ROFLthing (an offshoot of MIT’s ROFLcon) and I’ll be selling some of my crafts. I’ve actually made a batch of LOL-lets just for the special occasion. These LOL-lets were made with vintage yellow upholstery and vinyl (in either red or brown). There is no leather. I’ve posted a small […]

  • Craft Out Loud

    Introducing the LOL-let! The worlds first wallet featuring my patented “laugh out loud” technology. You see the secret to the LOL-let is the appliqued (and embroidered) two “L”s and one “O” which are guaranteed to generate generous gobs of giggles and guffaws. [guarantee only valid in some scandinavian countries]. LOL-lets are available through my Etsy […]