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  • Icelandic Analog: LomoChrome Purple

    Icelandic Analog: LomoChrome Purple

    I’m slowly rolling out some of the photos I took from our most recent trip to Iceland. A already posted some color shots from our week of camping in Hornbjarg, but this week’s collection is off of a roll of Lomography’s LomoChrome Purple film from that same adventure. LomoChrome isn’t just a purple filter effect,…

  • American Analog: Lomochrome Purple Portland Eater

    American Analog: Lomochrome Purple Portland Eater

    After months and months of waiting, our LomoChrome Purple film finally arrived, just in time for our trip to Portland. I loaded it up in my XA-4, which I’m admittedly still getting used to and shot this roll. I love the results. Seriously, it’s like infrared film without the hassle. The film is recommended for…