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  • Journey Into Analog: Nuclear Days and Grainy Nights

    I bought the last roll of 3200 TMax film from Photoworks on a whim. I had no idea what to expect, but I was going to a late night art happening and I wanted to try my hand at the fastest film I could find.

  • The Big Lebowski Movers

    Last week I wrote about a wonderful event called Lost Horizon Night Market. One of the projects I mentioned was The Big Lebowski movers, a 40 foot semi truck that had been converted into a makeshift bowling alley. Since then, I found some video I took inside the truck. I’ve posted an animated gif of…

  • Lost Horizon Night Market San Francisco

    Lost Horizon Night Market San Francisco

    Since moving to San Francisco 5 years ago, I’ve had some amazing experiences, but last Saturday’s “Lost Horizon Night Market” could top them all. The Night Market was made up of about 25 box-trucks that had each been converted into different art projects. Due to the questionably legal nature the event, it was kept as…