American Analog: Manchester Mark

Manchester Mark

I met Mark on the corner of 6th and Mission. It was a foggy day and for some reason I kept bumping into people with guitars during my stroll. I stopped Mark to talk about his mandolin and snap some shots of Mark before he disappeared into back into the fog.


American Analog: The Chalkstress


“Lots of people around here don’t have computers or televisions,” she says while holding a jumbo stick of chalk, “So I keep them informed of what’s happening around the world. Like what’s happening in Egypt right now.” Lauren has been writing news snippets on the sidewalks of Market St for years, often sharing URLs out-loud to important stories to passersby. “You don’t know about the hiker’s held hostage in Iran? You have to go to and check out Shane Bauer’s site!”.


High-Fives Forever and Ever and Ever

High Fives forever and ever

It was like slapping a celebrity’s hand and passing them magical powers.

Last week I posted this adorable photo of a group of school kids high-fiving random cyclists on Market St… The photo was soon posted on SFist, where it was seen by Lillie, the high-fiving cyclist who shouted “Oh man, I am SOOOO ready for this!” as she approached the kids. After learning the kids were part of a 5th grade class at De Marillac Academy, I decided to reach out to John Ellsworth, who does outreach for the school, to see if I could hear exactly how the kids felt about this moment: