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  • American Analog: Ugly Sweater Party

    Last month I was lucky enough to rock MC Lars’ Ugly Sweater Party at the Uptown in Oakland. Brought a roll of 800 speed film and snapped these shots of Lars, Frontalot, and Crashfaster. Oddly enough, I didn’t capture one single sweater shot on film.

  • GETV x Frontalot

    Geek Entertainment TV is certainly no stranger to the world of nerdcore hip-hop, but now they’ve finally posted their SouthBySouthWest interview with the godfather of nerdcore; MC Frontalot. In related news, MC Slutsky and I will be performing at Laughing Squid’s “Lucky 13” party at CELLspace on May 31st. I’ll be doing a few songs…

  • New items up for auction

    I posted 3 new auctions to eBay this morning: Rare Casio DM-100. Circuit bent by Highly Liquid, who also added a midi in. I’ve used this funky beast on several songs, including MC Frontalot’s Pr0n S0ng and several tracks on Me Geek Pretty One Day. Nudie Jeans, “Straight Sven”. These are brand new, with tags.…