American Analog: Ugly Sweater Party

Last month I was lucky enough to rock MC Lars’ Ugly Sweater Party at the Uptown in Oakland. Brought a roll of 800 speed film and snapped these shots of Lars, Frontalot, and Crashfaster. Oddly enough, I didn’t… Read More

GETV x Frontalot

Geek Entertainment TV is certainly no stranger to the world of nerdcore hip-hop, but now they’ve finally posted their SouthBySouthWest interview with the godfather of nerdcore; MC Frontalot. In related news, MC Slutsky and I will be performing… Read More

New items up for auction

I posted 3 new auctions to eBay this morning: Rare Casio DM-100. Circuit bent by Highly Liquid, who also added a midi in. I’ve used this funky beast on several songs, including MC Frontalot’s Pr0n S0ng and several… Read More