Tag: meme

  • MRVLcats

    Over the weekend I saw a bunch of Marvel characters drawn as cats popping up on my friend Apelad’s flickrhole. After learning it was part of a #mrvlcats meme on Twitter I decided to give it a shot with these few pieces:

  • Triple Rainbow Moon

    Yo dawg, I herd you like memes. Woah, that’s almost a triple LOL! [original moon image via Philipp Salzgeber]

  • Craft Out Loud

    Introducing the LOL-let! The worlds first wallet featuring my patented “laugh out loud” technology. You see the secret to the LOL-let is the appliqued (and embroidered) two “L”s and one “O” which are guaranteed to generate generous gobs of giggles and guffaws. [guarantee only valid in some scandinavian countries]. LOL-lets are available through my Etsy…

  • It’s official, Cupcakes have Jumped the Shark!

    Based on the fun we had creating the Fail flickr set, I’ve created a new flickr group with a whole new meme. Cupcakes Have Jumped the Shark is an open group for anyone to post illustrations of cupcakes jumping over sharks. Any style is accepted, but color illustrations are preferred. So far 9 artists have…