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Tag: memes in real life

  • Rick Rolling Random Callers

    Holy carp! It’s been almost two years since I first started making those Missing: Invisible Bicycle posters. Since then, thousands of people have called the number on the poster and been rick rolled by my pre-recorded message. For just one weekend, back in January ’09, I forwarded all calls from my Grand Central/Google Voicemail to […]

  • Portrait of the twartist as a hood

    Yesterday I was pleased to learn that the UK’s Guardian newspaper listed me as one of their favorite artists to follow on Twitter. Although the term “Twartist” isn’t all that flattering, I’m still really honored to have been included in such a prestigious paper. It’s probably the only time I’ll ever see my name printed […]

  • Every to you emulate, doc remixes a meme

    Every time you emulate, God kills a cabinet. Above is my remix of the classic “masturbation” meme. I made another one (below) with those same old watercolors I keep talking about. I want to the second one, because Joss knows I’ve put a ton of work on it, but the photo version is obviously superior. […]

  • ROFLthing LOL-lets for sale early

    I’ll be at the San Francisco ROFLthing (an offshoot of MIT’s ROFLcon) and I’ll be selling some of my crafts. I’ve actually made a batch of LOL-lets just for the special occasion. These LOL-lets were made with vintage yellow upholstery and vinyl (in either red or brown). There is no leather. I’ve posted a small […]