How to make mini-comics, my guide to cutting and folding an 8 page zine.

I love making comics and teaching others how to make their own. Lately, this experience has been so gratifying that I’ve decided to step it up a notch with workshops and tutorials. The easiest way to get started… Read More

Unboxing Jeffrey Brown’s “Process”

Jeffrey Brown recently made a small batch of comics for the Indy Euphoria show in Sacramento. I wasn’t able to make it out there, but my friend Josh Ellingson picked up a copy for me. The book, titled… Read More

Zine Swap Recap

Last week’s Zine Swap Party was fantastic. I blame the deviled eggs. It’s kind of surprising that a room full of zines and a room full of booknerds didn’t end up entirely anti-social (ie everybody in their own… Read More

Post SF Zinefest

I spent the weekend with other artists, craftsters, and zinesters at yet another SF Zinefest. This years Zinefest was in Golden Gate Park and I would say most folks involved would probably consider it a successful event. I… Read More