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Tag: mission comics and art

  • The Developer, my 24 hour comic book for 2013

    My newest 24 hour comic book is online now, read it here. I’m usually surprised at all the little things that subconsciously work their way into my 24hr comics, but this year was a little different… The comic isn’t really about anything, but it’s heavily inspired by a) breaking a beautiful uranium glass the night […]

  • Busking with an iPad, part 1

    An unexpected consequence of Unwoman’s “Play Somewhere Weird Everyday” project is that it’s resulted in me going out and making music publicly. I’ve long been terrified of busking, but with Erica’s encouragement (and musical support) I’ve been performing some of my iPad songs on local street corners and subway stations. Yesterday, we performed an hour […]

  • Meanwhile, a comics art show tonight.

    The Bearded Lady, originally uploaded by ladycartoonist. My friend and fellow conspirator Meredith Scheff has posted a preview of some new work she’s created for Meanwhile. Meanwhile is an art show at Space Gallery which will be showcasing local comic book artists. Meredith will be selling print sets of her water colored “little mutants” series, […]