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Tag: mobius

  • Moebius parodies Batman in 1995’s “I Am Not Batman”

    Moebius parodies Batman in 1995’s “I Am Not Batman”

    Although Mœbius was a legend in the comics industry, it was rare that we ever saw him cross over into the world of mainstream comics. There was “Parable” a beautiful, but poorly written Silver Surfer book he made with Stan Lee, and a dozen or more covers he did for Marvel and DC (here’s a good collection). […]

  • Snakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnakesnake

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx5D09s5X6U Vi Hart is a self described “mathemusician” that creates videos with a clever mix of math and humor. Though some of her videos, like “Pi Is (Still) Wrong“, are a bit over my head, I can totally relate to How To Snakes. She’s also posted some keen music and math videos on her blog, […]

  • Yo-Yo Video Round Up

    In the week leading up to the World Yo-Yo Contest in Orlando, I had this grand idea of posting a series of yo-yo videos from around the web, but I didn’t end up having enough time. I’m glad I waited, because some really dope videos have come out recently that I’d love to share. The […]

  • SF Zinefest

    So the SF Zinefest was announced a couple months ago, but it wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I actually got excited about it. What happened in that time? I dug up my old comics and found a bunch of copies of my first zine, Moebius Strip Tease, and now I’m feeling all nostalgic. […]