Free Remix Tuesday

Wanted to share a few free remix albums for your earholes: For a very limited time, Mush records is giving away Busdriver’s “Avantcore” remix e.p., featuring Prefuse73 and D-Styles. Avantcore was the second single off of Driver’s 2005… Read More

The Glowing Stars

My friends The Glowing Stars have posted two new videos on their bloghole. The first one documents their debut performance at The DNA Lounge (a show I also DJed at): And the second is an interview they did… Read More

Pi Politics (again)

Following her recent Pi vs Tau rant, Vi Hart has posted a new video about math, music, and copyright. Specifically, it’s about an artist who claims a copyright on music that was written by converting pi into notes…. Read More


Vi Hart is a self described “mathemusician” that creates videos with a clever mix of math and humor. Though some of her videos, like “Pi Is (Still) Wrong“, are a bit over my head, I can totally relate… Read More