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Tag: musician

  • Performing Mission Block Party with Unwoman

    Just a quick note to say that Unwoman and I will be playing a set together next Friday, December 10th, as part of the Mission Block Party. We’ll be performing in front of (or inside) Mission Comics and Art around 7pm. It’ll be one of the rare chances to hear my iPad music with live […]

  • Seline HD’s dishonest marketing?

    There is a comment from an Amidio Inc rep below that I think is worth checking out. The comment points out that Amidio is not directly connected to the iPad Orchestra (who made the video in question) and that the Seline HD app at some point sold for $12.99 (also pointing out that I suck […]

  • Busking With An iPad, part 1.5

    Since the first post about my sidewalk performances with Unwoman on Sunday morning, many more videos have popped up. I’m actually really happy with our “Moebius Strip Tease” and Unwoman’s “Cruelty”. I’m using Nanoloop for iPhone for most of the set, with the exception of “Riot Suit” (at the bottom of this page) where I’m […]

  • Busking with an iPad, part 1

    An unexpected consequence of Unwoman’s “Play Somewhere Weird Everyday” project is that it’s resulted in me going out and making music publicly. I’ve long been terrified of busking, but with Erica’s encouragement (and musical support) I’ve been performing some of my iPad songs on local street corners and subway stations. Yesterday, we performed an hour […]