You guys, my special edition @nanoloop carts are shipping to backers this week! They look/sound amazing! https://t.co/4F5BrbAxxp — Doctor Popular (@DocPop) February 26, 2015 A couple months ago I shared the story about a package of mine that… Read More

My inbox zine residency, Patreon update, and Kickstarter

A bunch of neat things happening, so here’s a recap: I’m this month’s artist for Electric Dreaming, a new weekly zine for your inbox. Each week this month I’ll be sharing an exclusive new 3D wiggle-gif. Here is… Read More

Know And Tell: a series of creative workshops

As I’ve bounced around from hobby to hobby throughout the years, there’s always been someone there to help show me the ropes. Online or in person, the creative community is filled with people who love to help. That’s… Read More

Help remix Beeps and Smudges for my next E.P.

Hi to all! My album Beeps and Smudges is finished and I’ll soon be working on a follow up album, but before I start that next project, I’d like to release a remix and covers album, but I… Read More