Tag: nerdcore

  • Donating 100% of album sales to the ACLU this weekend

    Bandcamp announced they are donating their cut of album sales to the ACLU for the day (2/3/17). In solidarity, I’m donating 100% of my album sales on Bandcamp to the ACLU too. This will be for any sales between now and Monday morning. I might suggest my 2008 rap album “Me Geek Pretty One Day”…

  • American Analog: Ugly Sweater Party

    Last month I was lucky enough to rock MC Lars’ Ugly Sweater Party at the Uptown in Oakland. Brought a roll of 800 speed film and snapped these shots of Lars, Frontalot, and Crashfaster. Oddly enough, I didn’t capture one single sweater shot on film.

  • New Kitty Pryde EP

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SDYus7iKC8 I’m a sucker for the minimalist rap and sense of humor that Kitty Pryde brings to the “rap game”. Nerdy references with an Anticon-esque sound, what’s not to like. Speaking of, Kitty covers a classic why? track on a her previous EP. Like! Get her new Ha Ha I’m Sorry EP for a buck,…

  • Beefy’s tribute to all the sidekicks out there

    Beefy just posted a video for his song “Sidekick“, which is a ode to Mario’s taller brother…. and all the other video game sidekicks out there. The song is off of Beef’s album With Sprinkles.