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Tag: newsbin

  • San Francisco Pop-up Library

    Folks walking down Market Street in SF today may have noticed a slew of pop-up shops and art projects near 6th street as part of the… well, I honestly couldn’t tell, but there were some cool ones out there. The niftiest of these pop-ups was the SFPL‘s make-shift library, which made use of some of […]

  • Pop-Up Zine Shop in an old News Paper Stand

    Like their news-bin brethren, you’ll find abandoned newsstands scattered throughout downtown San Francisco. I’ve been a fan of re-using newsbins, but I hadn’t really though about doing anything larger until I saw what the folks at Colpa Press had created on the corner of 6th St and Market. Basically, they’ve rented one of these tiny […]

  • Occupy News Bin

    Though I often disagree with the sentiments I hear by folks at Occupy Wall Street encampments, I strongly support their rights to say them peacefully. So when I see so much footage of police using heavy handed tactics on non-violent protestors it not only makes me more sympathetic to OWS… it makes me feel sick. […]