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Tag: oke rosgana

  • The Magic Yo-Yo (embedded)

    [nggallery id=2] As my “week of comics” continues, I’ve decided to (re-)post Oke Rosgana’s The Magic Yo-Yo. As mentioned previously, this comic was made by Rosgana as part of the 2009 24hr Comic Book Day from his home in Indonesia. I’m posting it today partly because I wanted to add to get it online as […]

  • Magic Yo-Yo, a 24hr Comic Book by Rosgana

    “Magic Yo-Yo” by Oke Rosgana, originally uploaded by docpop. The above panel is an excerpt from Oke Rosgana‘s 24 hour comic book, The Magic Yo-Yo. Rosgana saw some tweets about our upcoming 24hr comic book day and thought it sounded fun, so he asked me if he could join in somehow. Since he lives in […]