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Tag: photographs

  • American Analog: Scenes From a Zine

    Last year I took a trip to NYC with the sole purpose of taking enough photos to fill the 2nd issue of my American Analog zine. So far, the only pics I’ve shared have been of The Pigeon Guy, who also graces the cover of this issue, but now that the zine is out I […]

  • Get Lampbot

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/docpopular/5752581868/in/set-72157626665663433 For this years Maker Faire, my good friend Jon Foote built these 5 awesome Luxo Jr inspired set of robotic desk lamps. The lamps have several articulated points that can either be controlled by a joystick or from pre-programmed patterns. Jon calls this piece C.A.R.D.L.E, which I believe stands for Completely Awesome Robotic Desk […]

  • What color is your town?

    The City Hall of Palo Alto was recently mosaicked with photographs of nearly 18,000 of the cities homes. According to the Palo Alto Daily News, Samuel Yates spent 6 and a half years documenting Palo Alto’s neighborhoods in order to determine Palo Alto’s dominant color. In the pictures above you can see a close up […]