Gifs from Sutro Baths


On Saturday, Christine and I hoped onto our bikes to go check out the Community Music Center location in the Richmond. We are big fans of their Mission location, right next to our house, but Christine is signing up for some more advanced classes and will have to start making the ride out to the Richmond location each week.

After we got there, we decided to just keep riding our bikes to the ocean, where we stumbled upon the old Sutro Baths location. I’d been meaning to visit that spot for a while, but… I’m hella lazy and transit over there sucks. It’s a cool spot though, so I tried my best to capture it with my iPhone (using the Gifstamatic technique I’ve shared before).



Some previews from my upcoming Analog:Glitch show in SF

ANALOG:GLITCH "Punish the Wicked"

This coming Saturday is the opening for my my Analog:Glitch art show in San Francisco. The goal of the show is to mix old school film with digitally tweaked iPhone images to create something weird and new. I’ve got a bunch of pieces I’m still working on for the show, including some really unique back lit Polaroid photos, but for now I wanted to share some previews of my other pieces.


American Analog: A Man’s Best Friend


I’ve been a little slow on posting some of my film stuff lately (because Kickstarter), but I’m glad to finally share some pieces I’ve been sitting on for a month. These were all shot on Tri-X film using my Nishika 3D camera. I spotted this pair a few different times in the Mission before I had a chance to sit down and chat for a bit. I missed the owner’s name, but I believe the pup is named Rosco. If you like ’em, please check out my American Analog photo zines too.



Zumi Week: Monochrome (High Res)

Digital Harinezumi (monochrome)

This week I’m posting a series of posts about the Digital Harinezumi. See them all here.

Originally purchased for it’s weirdly saturated colors, it turns out I’m using my Harinezumi mostly for black and white shots now. Not only does the camera seem a little less low-res in monocrhome mode, the pixelation actually gives it a kind of raw feel… like the high contrast and grains found on 3200 film.