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Tag: protest

  • Anti-Trump Rally In San Francisco

    Last night, San Franciscan’s took the streets last night to protest Donald Trump. I caught up with the crowd a couple of times throughout the night and took a few photos. As the crowd was starting, around 5:30pm, I counted over 1,000 protestors on Market St. The group marched around the city a bit, then […]

  • More fun with newsbins

    Shortly after installing my UC Davis diorama in an un-occupied Employment Guide bin, I scattering mini-OWS protestors in news bins around SF. I’m still playing with the various ways that these empty newspaper racks can be re-used as playful forms of free speech. I also love the idea of spreading a little discourse in the […]

  • Occupy News Bin

    Though I often disagree with the sentiments I hear by folks at Occupy Wall Street encampments, I strongly support their rights to say them peacefully. So when I see so much footage of police using heavy handed tactics on non-violent protestors it not only makes me more sympathetic to OWS… it makes me feel sick. […]