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  • Rad Hair Day 03: Pornography

    Based on an honest to gosh real conversation. Rad Hair Day is my extremely infrequent attempt at a webcomic series. Read #1: Name Tag here or #2: Rollins Banned here.

  • My 2004 interview with Harvey Pekar

    My first published illustration was a cartoon-interview I did with the comic book legend Harvey Pekar. The interview was done for the alt-weekly Pulse of the Twin Cities in 2004. Click here for the large version. I wrote and penciled this strip and the amazing Sean Tenhoff inked it for me. I still dream of…

  • Rad Hair Day 02: Rollins Banned

    I had a short, and kind of awkward, chat with Mr Henry Rollins. Read Rad Hair Day 01 here

  • Rad Hair Day 01: Name Tag

    This is the first in what might be an ongoing autobiographical cartoon and personal writing project. I had always joked that when they make the story of my life, “Rad Hair Day: The Life and Times of a Professional Hair Model” would be an awesome name. Of course Tom Cruise would play the lead.