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Tag: remix

  • Ai Weiwei Smashing Vases (just for shiggles)

    For some reason I couldn’t stop thinking about that iconic triptych of Ai Weiwei smashing one of his vases… and what happened when a Florida man did the same thing at one of Ai’s shows in a Miami museum. I started thinking about how Link loves breaking vases in the Zelda games and next thing […]

  • Free Remix Tuesday

    Wanted to share a few free remix albums for your earholes: For a very limited time, Mush records is giving away Busdriver’s “Avantcore” remix e.p., featuring Prefuse73 and D-Styles. Avantcore was the second single off of Driver’s 2005 album, Fear of a Black Tangent. Peep the video above. The download link is on the right […]

  • Help remix Beeps and Smudges for my next E.P.

    Hi to all! My album Beeps and Smudges is finished and I’ll soon be working on a follow up album, but before I start that next project, I’d like to release a remix and covers album, but I need your help! I’d like you to pick a song on Beeps and Smudges and remix or […]

  • Get Me Geek Pretty One Day for just $3

    A Brave New Essay by Doctor Popular I released my first full length album in 2008, under the band name Drown Radio. The album, titled Me Geek Pretty One Day, is heavily hip-hop influenced with lots of nerdy lyrics and head nodding instrumentals. I’d hesitate to call it a nerdcore rap album, since there are […]