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Tag: ricoh

  • American Analog: Double Exposed Glitched Screens

    As a recent experiment, I wanted to see what it would look like if I glitched images (by messing with them in a text editor), took photos of the glitches on my laptop screen, then rewound the film and spent a day shooting in the Mission. What first looks like over-saturated light leaks, are actually […]

  • American Analog: Bamf!

    I’ve been going through my unposted photos and came across this batch from July. The top shot, my favorite, was taken on the roof of a friends apartment using my GR-1 and Lomo’s Color Negative 800 ISO film (my favorite low light combo for clubs, shows, etc). I love watching the light trails and fireworks […]

  • Journey Into Analog 15: Black, white, gritty, and bold

    Some favorites from a recent roll of Tri-X film shot in SF on my GR-1 and developed in our dark room at Noisebridge. Gritty and beautiful! I spotted the gentleman above pinning at the storefront of Minamoto Kitchoan, a pricey Japanese snack shop on Market, for about 5 minutes before he went inside (leaving his […]

  • Journey Into Analog 9: Ricoh TF-500

    Journey Into Analog 9: Ricoh TF-500

    Found this great Ricoh camera at a yardsale last week and I’m totally loving it. It’s a TF-500, and it really doesn’t look like much. When most folks see me with it, they don’t even bat an eye. I dig it’s wide lens, but found the telephoto feature to be really fun to play with […]