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Tag: riots

  • Street artist paints the Berkeley riot

    Street artist paints the Berkeley riot

    During a recent riot between alt-right and black bloc protestors in Berkeley, Paige St. John spotted an artist documenting the scene in an oil painting. My favorite Berkeley riot moment: the street artist who strives to capture the conflict between alt-right and black bloc, pepper bombs & all pic.twitter.com/Lqam1Ccasi — Paige St. John (@paigestjohn) April […]

  • Journey Into Analog: They Might Be Giants

    The Giants won the series and our neighborhood went nuts. I’ve shared some epic iPhone shots and Lightt videos from the rioting, but I also wanted to share some of the film shots from that night too. The 35mmm shots are all from the first hour of celebrating… then I went back out with my […]

  • Madness at 22nd and Mission.

    Couldn’t sleep with all of the SF Giants celebratory rioting happening right around the corner from our house, so I went out to see what was happening. I brought a couple rolls of 1200 and 800 ISO film (35mm and 120 for my Diana), which I burned through quickly, so we’ll have to wait till […]