Automatic Art Show Tonight

The opening reception for Automatic is tonight. It will be my second time hanging out at a reception for a show I’m actually in. Here is a preview of some of the show’s pieces: As mentioned previously, I’ve… Read More

Giving away tickets to RoboGames

Hey, guess what… I have some extra tickets to this weekend’s RoboGames, so I’m giving them away. Inspired by the awesome Guess Where SF flickr group, I’ve posted several photos taken in various Bay Area businesses on my… Read More

Tickets! Get y’r Robogames tickets!

I had previously posted the art I created for Robogames here. This weekend I was given tickets to the event and had to show how awesome my robots look in print. You can get your Robogames tickets here.

Some rejected RoboGames sketches

Yesterday I blogged about being the official artist for the 2009 RoboGames. In that post I showed the final art that was accepted by the RoboGames committee. So today I wanted to show some of the pieces that… Read More