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Tag: robots don’t know anything about twitter

  • “Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter” in color and online!

    In the earlier days of Twitter, I made a comic book based on Tweeted suggestions from my followers. The book, “Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter“, was written and drawn completely in 24 hours. A few years later, I spent 24 MORE hours painstakingly watercolored each page, but never got around to publishing it… until […]

  • How was APE?

    This weekend was the Alternative Press Expo, one of my fave local comic book conventions. I spent $150 on my booth and materials, worked 16 hours, and spent $40 at other folks tables. All that for about $225 in sales… minus $150… and hella work… Anwho, one of the highlights of the show was finally […]

  • Alternative Press Expo, Booth #250

    I’m tabling at the Alternative Press Expo this weekend in the San Francisco Concourse. I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday at booth #250 and I’ll have a whole slew of items with me, including: Denim Coffee Cozies $8 (or 2 for $12) Denim Laptop Sleeves $18 Denim Pen Wraps $18 Ideas (my older 24 […]

  • Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter!

    Last weekend I organized and participated in the 24 Hour Comic challenge at The Comic Outpost. A 24hr comic, as most of you know, is a 24 page comic book created entirely in a consecutive 24 hour period. We had a great turnout with 15 artists attempting the challenge. Not everybody succeeded, but I think […]