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Tag: robots

  • Cocktails Robotic Grand Challenge

    Cocktails Robotic Grand Challenge

    We just got back from the Cocktails Robotic Grand Challenge at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. The dancehall was filled with eight bartending bots and a couple hundred thirsty humans. There were some classic barbots on hand, like Schrodinger’s Martini, which servers a martini that is both wet & dry until you finally collapse […]

  • “Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter” in color and online!

    In the earlier days of Twitter, I made a comic book based on Tweeted suggestions from my followers. The book, “Robots Don’t Know Anything About Twitter“, was written and drawn completely in 24 hours. A few years later, I spent 24 MORE hours painstakingly watercolored each page, but never got around to publishing it… until […]

  • Some rejected RoboGames sketches

    Yesterday I blogged about being the official artist for the 2009 RoboGames. In that post I showed the final art that was accepted by the RoboGames committee. So today I wanted to show some of the pieces that the committee thought were too fraken terrible to ever be featured on any RoboGames related material: One […]

  • How was APE?

    This weekend was the Alternative Press Expo, one of my fave local comic book conventions. I spent $150 on my booth and materials, worked 16 hours, and spent $40 at other folks tables. All that for about $225 in sales… minus $150… and hella work… Anwho, one of the highlights of the show was finally […]