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Tag: san francisco zine fest

  • Re-visiting old videos from SF Zine Fest and APE

    Re-visiting old videos from SF Zine Fest and APE

    It looks like Youtube stopped supporting Flash a while back. In the course of updating some broken embeds on my site, I found a bunch of old videos from the SF Zine Fest and the Alternative Press Expo back in 2010 and 2011. I’ve always loved documenting things like this by shooting little interview videos, […]

  • Toy Electro: A collection of lo-fi photography by Doctor Popular

    “Toy Electro” is a new zine collecting some of my black and white lo-fi photography. All of the shots in this zine were taken on my Digital Harinezumi, an extremely low tech camera that has surprisingly charming results. You can see my Harinezumi review here: This Sunday I’ll be tabling at the SF Zine Fest, […]

  • SF Zinefest

    So the SF Zinefest was announced a couple months ago, but it wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I actually got excited about it. What happened in that time? I dug up my old comics and found a bunch of copies of my first zine, Moebius Strip Tease, and now I’m feeling all nostalgic. […]