The Vespertine Circus’ Rocky Horror Circus Show

Last night we watched the Vespertine Circus’ version of the Rocky Horror Music Show. It was a great mix of burlesque, juggling, and acrobatics in the Great Star Theater in Chinatown. What a great show! This was our… Read More

Pritikin's mansion

The abandoned mansion in San Francisco

A few years back, Steen and I were looking at an apartment for rent in Glen Park (just south of SF’s Mission District). The Craigslist post it was 1,000 sqft, but it appeared to only be 400. It… Read More

San Francisco Flag Redesign

I’m back from a short trip to Chicago, where I had a blast shooting interviews at WordCamp for Publishers. While I was there, I noticed the city’s official flag could be seen everywhere. Shirts, bumper stickers, hats, coffee… Read More

weird fun things in San Francisco

Last week was fun!

Last week, I wrote an exhaustive list of weird things to do in San Francisco. We ended up going to most of things on that list and I wanted to share some highlights here. Bug Zoo: Chirps Chips… Read More