Last week was fun!

Last week, I wrote an exhaustive list of weird things to do in San Francisco. We ended up going to most of things on that list and I wanted to share some highlights here.

Bug Zoo:
Chirps Chips touts eating bugs as a sustainable alternative to meat. To promote their brand, they put together an event called The World’s Largest Nachos and invited bug-eating enthusiasts to partake. They also had a bug petting zoo, which was easily the highlight of our day. The zoo was filled with hissing cockroaches, stink beetles, scarabs, and other bugs that you could handle and interact with. It was awesome!

Bug Zoo



Gifs from Sutro Baths


On Saturday, Christine and I hoped onto our bikes to go check out the Community Music Center location in the Richmond. We are big fans of their Mission location, right next to our house, but Christine is signing up for some more advanced classes and will have to start making the ride out to the Richmond location each week.

After we got there, we decided to just keep riding our bikes to the ocean, where we stumbled upon the old Sutro Baths location. I’d been meaning to visit that spot for a while, but… I’m hella lazy and transit over there sucks. It’s a cool spot though, so I tried my best to capture it with my iPhone (using the Gifstamatic technique I’ve shared before).



“Dealing With It” art show in SF this weekend


Dealing With It is an upcoming art show that asks artists how they deal with shitty situations. For my piece, “Shipped”, I decided to refer to how I had a hundred of my custom made Game Boy carts disappear in the US Customs warehouse in NYC… and how I felt nearly a year later when we finally shipped all of the replacement carts to all of my backers. Last year started off great, but when my carts went missing it really sent me on a deep depression, ultimately preventing me from even attempting any of my big projects for the year.


It may look silly, but this piece represents how I felt the moment I knew I could finally let go of the shame and embarrassment of letting my fans down. In this painting, I’m not just celebrating the completion of one project, but it’s also the moment I knew I could commit to move on to bigger projects in the near future.

over it

Dealing With It opens Saturday April 4th at Mission Comics and runs till the end of the month. Come to our opening reception Saturday night from 7-10pm.