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  • Weasl


    San Francisco graffiti artists like Ribity, Twist, and Reminisce, made names for themselves by painting recognizable images as their tags instead of letters. At the moment, one of SF’s most prolific taggers is an artist named Weasl who tags iconic animal drawing on walls in a classic 2-color “throw-up” style. And here are a few […]

  • Slow Streets, Responsive Yo-Yos

    Slow Streets, Responsive Yo-Yos

    I’m proud to say my newest yo-yo video is out now. You can watch it here: The video features an original soundtrack and tricks performed on a modern responsive yo-yo with a counterweight. I’m using a Doc Pop edition The Thing yo-yo for the entire video. This video was shot entirely on Sanchez Street, one […]

  • The Vespertine Circus’ Rocky Horror Circus Show

    The Vespertine Circus’ Rocky Horror Circus Show

    Last night we watched the Vespertine Circus’ version of the Rocky Horror Music Show. It was a great mix of burlesque, juggling, and acrobatics in the Great Star Theater in Chinatown. What a great show! This was our first time seeing live theater since the pandemic began two years ago. Luckily, the Vespertine Circus really […]

  • The abandoned mansion in San Francisco

    The abandoned mansion in San Francisco

    A few years back, Steen and I were looking at an apartment for rent in Glen Park (just south of SF’s Mission District). The Craigslist post it was 1,000 sqft, but it appeared to only be 400. It was a very small apartment that had two and a half floors (counting the rather large loft […]