Limited Edition Frozen Yogurt by DocPop & YoCup

“Why do you hate bacon?”. It’s a question I’ve been hearing since the Doc Pop Sandwich came out at Ike’s Place a month ago. Because the sandwich comes with real ham but fake bacon, people are assuming I… Read More

I touched Puck’s bag, and now I smell like pee.

This morning I dropped off [redacted] unicycle at Pirate Cat radio when I got into a conversation with the girl working there about her new messenger bag. Apparently, the bag is Puck‘s old Zo Bag that he had… Read More

The Armory

For as long as I’ve been a San Francisco resident, I’ve been infatuated with the ominous structure on the corner of Mission and 15th St.  Resembling a Moorish Castle, San Francisco’s Armory is important piece of the cities… Read More

The Three Jungle Friends Learn to Swim

A few days ago, I did some volunteer work for 826 Valencia. A class of 20 third grade students came and, with the help of some 826 staff, created a story called The Three Jungle Friends Learn To… Read More