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  • Alternate Characters Make Cameos in Campbell Comic

    In honor of Double Fine‘s 10 year anniversary, Scott Campbell made this special comic with cameos by several would-be Psychonauts and Brütal Legends characters. It’s a cool bit of history for fans of either game. I guess because of the grid layout of this comic, it reminds me of an old Scott C art piece […]

  • APE 2009: Scott Campbell

    Here is a short interview I did with Scott Campbell, illustrator and concept artist for Double Fine Games. This video was shot outside of the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco… sorry about all the street noise. You should also see my Jason Shigga and Jeremy Tinder interviews from APE, if you haven’t already. If […]

  • Scott Campbell’s “Zombie Fair” painting

    Scott Campbell’s “Zombie Fair” painting

    Scott Campbell has recently finished this epic painting of zombie couples enjoying a day at an amusement park for the upcoming “Zombies In Love” art show at Gallery Nucleus in LA (opening Feb 6th). Scott also documented the creation of Zombie Fair from sketch to finish and posted about it on his blog. It’s great […]