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  • American Analog: Rice Paper Scissors

    After spending new year’s brunch with the girls (and guys) from Rice Paper Scissors, I’m glad to finally share some of the film shots from the pop-up. Thanks to Val and Katie and Whiz Burgers for the behind the scenes action. All shots from expired rolls of Konica 200 ISO film on a Minolta SLR…

  • Journey Into Analog: Konica and Christine

    Found four rolls of expired Konica (7 years old). It was 200 speed, but I shot it at 100 and LOVE these results.

  • Journey Into Analog: Nuclear Days and Grainy Nights

    I bought the last roll of 3200 TMax film from Photoworks on a whim. I had no idea what to expect, but I was going to a late night art happening and I wanted to try my hand at the fastest film I could find.

  • American Analog: 110 on Mid-Market

    This is my first batch of black and white 11o film. It’s Lomography’s “Orca” film used in my nifty little 110 Zoom SLR. I was expecting a higher resolution look to the black and white images, over my previous color 110 film, but these guys don’t seem too much clearer. I guess you shouldn’t expect…