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Tag: soma

  • American Analog: Manchester Mark

    I met Mark on the corner of 6th and Mission. It was a foggy day and for some reason I kept bumping into people with guitars during my stroll. I stopped Mark to talk about his mandolin and snap some shots of Mark before he disappeared into back into the fog.

  • American Analog: Rocker Guitar

    Mark likes to keep an oven mitt on the head of his guitar to keep it from getting banged up while he walks around. Though he considers himself a shy guy, he admits that he sometimes enjoys the extra attention the oven mitt brings him. “This morning a little girl on the MUNI high-fived my […]

  • Gimme sumo, gimme sumo.

    SOMArts is opening a new “sumo wrestler” themed art show tomorrow titled “Into The Ring, SUMO Style“. The show’s curator, Mari Naomi, asked if I had anything to contribute so I sent her some pieces I created in 2008. These two pieces were the very first pieces I made using watercolors. Although my style has […]

  • 15 minutes of time frame

    I’ve started riding my bike again for various reasons. I’ve been working in San Mateo a few days a week and got tired of taking BART to CalTrain, so I’m trying to bike to the downtown CalTrain Station, then just take CalTrain all the way. I used to bike this same path 5 days a […]