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Tag: squirrelwarz

  • How I celebrated National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

    Around 5pm on January 21st, I had a little meet-up in my studio to chat with some strangers about my tips and tricks for crowdfunding campaigns. Folks started arriving 1 at a time and it wasn’t until the 5th (and final person) arrived that anyone mentioned the fact that I was dressed head to toe […]

  • SquirrelWarz, our real time strategy iPhone game!

    After a long wait and months of work, SquirrelWarz is now available for iPhone! This stylish real time strategy iPhone game was iPad only, but this big update makes the app universal (as well as adds smoother UI, more songs and art, and lots of new maps). This is one of the biggest games I’ve […]

  • Works in progress

    This past week has been crazy for me. Crazy exciting and crazy busy. On Monday I signed a contract to create an animation for an artist who’s work has inspired me since my teens. I submitted two finished designs last night and hope they decide to use both of them. Above is a little sneak […]

  • SquirrelWarz is out now for iPads

    Our new game, SquirrelWarz, is out now for the iPad! Go buy it RIGHT NOW so we can make more games! It’s only $.99… Go ahead, I’ll wait. SquirrelWarz is a game we started working on 4 years ago when I was still at Tribal Games. We had just finished The Mighty Decider app (with […]