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Tag: stop motion

  • PES curated YouTube videos

    While surfing YouTube today I noticed that the stop motion video artist known as PES has been asked to curate a list of his favorite videos for youtube. Since there seems to be no way to embed the list, I thought I’d post some of the videos here for easy consumption (and for posterity’s sake […]

  • Evan Nagao’s “Color Changing Yo-Yo” video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sJGNAaOkjo I can’t imagine how much planning and editing went in to making this stop motion yo-yo video, but it was worth it! I’d love to see a version where all the yo-yos and poses looked the same, but the location was constantly changing! The video was created as a tribute to the extremely creative […]

  • I felt like sharing this…

    Hine (pronounced “hee-neh”) is a felt genius! She makes camera-shaped camera cases (and phone-shaped iPhone cases too) with a great eye for detail that makes her work stand out. I love this Holga-shaped camera case: Hine’s artistic endeavors with felt aren’t limited to making cases shaped like the items that fit inside them, though. She […]

  • Free Poster Films

    Laughing Squid recently blogged a collection of films by Free Poster Films out of Massachusetts. FPS make some of the most well sequenced stop motion films that I have seen. I hope these guys release a dvd sometime. Check out this video, titled Tony VS Paul: I believe the charm in a well done stop motion […]