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Tag: tape

  • Maubrowncow’s Laughing Squid themed mix tape

    Tonight is Laughing Squid’s big 15 year anniversary. In honor of this event, Maubrowncow has created this fantastic dj mix of songs that have been featured on the Laughing Squid blog. The mix is extremely impressive and easy on the ears. Rather than posting a straightforward mix, Mauricio has taken the time to really mix […]

  • SF Zine Fest 2010 pt 2: Peter S. Conrad

    In this second video from this year’s Zine Fest, I talk to Peter S. Conrad about the newest issue of his Attempted Not Known comic (order link). I was originally interested in the design of the book, which looks just like an old cassette tape, but Peter’s stories are always a pleasure to read too. […]